It’s clearer to me as I get older about just how fragile or unpredictable life can be. Recently, I have heard so many tragic stories recently of young families losing a child, from situations they “could” have controlled. My heart sinks as I consider myself in that situation. I wonder if my faith would be strong enough. 

I look at our beautiful life and think about how petty these trials are that I worry with. I wonder how those parents find the willpower to get out of bed or stop blaming themselves. I wonder how they move on in such loss.

I read this verse this morning and realize faith gives us a hope that prevails any situation. God gives us the only consistency this life can offer. He is constant. He is loving. His kingdom can’t be shaken.

Whether we are going through minor daily trials or a huge mountain of doubt or grief this is what we need to hear and hope in.


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