Shake it Off: Music for Moody Moms Like Me


Before I became a mom, I thought I was pretty even-keel. Not easily rattled.

Yet there is nothing like two-tiny, needy little humans to prove me just how fickle my moods can be.

Often, moods of frustration, anger, or sadness are triggered by simply letting myself think my own thoughts. These are always exaggerated. These always include sweeping statement words like always, never, when will I be able to just do (fill in the blank with words like sleep, eat, pee alone, take a shower).  For instance, if I’m looking around the house at our continual mess I may think “everyone is always working AGAINST me in this house!”. If I come home from work and everyone is screaming for snacks while I’m trying to simply microwave leftovers for dinner I think, “Is having 30 minutes to prepare a meal too much to ask?“.

I am self-aware enough to know yes, some of these are common human thoughts and responses to living with other humans. And yet, allowing them into my mind never ends well. Allowing them in my mind will continue to steal a ton of joy from my daily life.

Often – shaking off a mood once I’ve allowed myself to enter into it feels nearly impossible.  So, I’ve been focused on how to drown out these thoughts from happening in the first place.

My current tactic? Music.

Not just any music, but gospel-centered music. Lyrics that remind me of what I have to be thankful for. Songs that make me want to lift my hands and lift my drooping knees – so that I focus less on the mess of everyday life, and more on the eternal promises of God.

I have a little blue-tooth speaker to play music from my phone easily and carry around the house. I try to listen at key trigger-times: when I’m cleaning the house, cooking dinner, when I’m greeting or getting kids in/out of the door.

I also discovered a TON of great free Christian music on Amazon Prime Music (free for Prime members like me, and no this isn’t sponsored by Amazon šŸ˜‰). This has allowed me to cultivate specific playlists based on what mood I’m in. Because let’s face it, when you are stressed out, you need calmer music. When you are tired and wondering how to get through the day, you need more upbeat music.

So, I hope that you’ll enjoy these two playlists I’ve curated and will be encouraged to fight your mood with new tools, including music.

Playlist of Up-Beat Christian Songs

This playlist is great for: kid dance parties, working out, or anytime you need a little bit more up-beat Christian music. If I’m tired and can’t have another cup of coffee, this one is also a great listen.

Playlist of Praise Music 

This playlist has some great worship songs. It’s a bit slower, so it’s great for times when you are stressed out, need some peaceful music, need to calm kids down a bit. If we’re doing a dance party, I also use this as my cool-down music.

Hope these playlists are helpful starts to discovering how to master your moods. Feel free to suggest additional songs in the comments below and I’ll try to add to them.

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  1. Brandi says:

    Great playlists!! A lot of these I workout too as well, very refreshing!

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