Thankful Thursday


For this Thankful Thursday, I’m not going to do a list, but rather a flow of thoughts about what I’m thankful for this week.

This week it is my husband.  More and more I realize why God put him into my life, and more and more I’m understanding that he is helping me in my faith and showing me what love really is.

A day or two ago Billy had a podcast playing throughout the house of a preacher who gave a sermon on faith and the ways that it plays out in our lives.  He said that when we are saved, we often jump right into a moralist mindset, where we are seeking out improvements in ourselves that will make us better Christians.  We concentrate on the sin we would like to eradicate from our lives, and evaluate how faithful we are being by measuring our progress.

The problem in this, he noted, is that we are putting our faith in ourselves and measuring our Christian walk with checklists rather than forming a true relationship with God.  This means that we completely avoid the message of grace (which is Jesus), and we are constantly backsliding back into the same sin over and over because we are simply unable to conquer it with our own power.

While I am thankful for Jesus’ grace, I am convicted of missing the boat and making moral checklists of my life instead.  Perhaps I do not fully understand it or am faithful enough to seek Jesus as a real solution to my life. Instead I’m afraid that I feel that I have inspiration from God that I then take and apply to my life.

So this week I pray that with this gift of grace, I may be able to respond appropriately.  May the desire of my heart be to walk closely with Jesus, and let him work out the things in my life that need to be changed.

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