Faith without works


This week I am reading James 2:14-19.  This is the part of the Bible where the rubber meets the road.  It is also the part that seems to contradict what Paul said about being saved by grace, not by works.

However, when you get into the meat of it, it doesn’t contradict, it complements.  As one put it, “We are not saved by deeds, we are saved for deeds”.

So this week, I’m analyzing my life and seeing how I really serve others as a result of God loving and saving me.  On one hand, I feel compelled and encouraged to start. On the other hand I feel a bit overwhelmed at the reality.  I mean, just getting dinner on the table after work is all the “serving” I feel equipped to do.  I suppose this is why I have to have faith that God will take my life and make it what he wants.  I suppose I have to believe he will give me the strength to put dinner on my table and perhaps someone elses. My prayer this week is that I depend on His strength and wisdom in serving, not my own.

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