Thankful Thursday


I’m thankful for:

– A wonderful time to hang out with my mom on Sunday, just us girls.

– My coworker making hashbrown casserole for her husband and then bringing it in to work!

– Today being Cinco de Mayo.  This means our office will celebrate by having many types of dip.

– The celebration last night for two of our friends who will be leaving Raleigh. (I’m thankful we got to spend time together, but I’m very sad they will be leaving).

– My air conditioning only needing a $30 part to work again, and Billy reconnecting with an old client to get it.

– Being home.  I don’t like traveling for business.  I am so much more happy going to the office in jeans with people who love me.  Yes, I’m still upset about my trip last Thursday – but I know it has made me more thankful for the day to day.

– Getting to see my best friend on Saturday after a really rough week and then ending up buying every day bras and underwear together.  Sometimes it is really nice having friends that you can do the mundane with and still have a blast.

– Billy keeping me motivated when I was down on myself for running (I hate running and it hates me), and for acting like 10 minute miles were a struggle for him, even though I know they aren’t.

– God and others I know to tell me to quit wallowing. I’m such a wallower still.

– Not knowing what this weekend may hold.

I could keep going.  God is so good.  I pray that I could realize that more and more.

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