Blog Series: Ruth

I’ve been asking God for what to write for quite some time now, when the thought came into my mind “Try a Blog Series”.  After this mini-revelation I spent some time talking to a friend who is going through grad school right now who expressed how she has a hard time making time for God’s word.  She said most of what she relies on are short devotionals and church on Sunday to feel God’s presence in her life right now.  As soon as I heard this, I was concerned about what devotional she was reading.  There are so many out there targeted to women that aren’t grounded in Scripture, so many that are filled with smiley faces and roses, and quite frankly so many that suck at showing God’s grace and mercy.

Even though I didn’t press her to evaluate her devotional, these factors encouraged me to step out and do a more in depth review of God’s word on this blog.  Since I’ve been making my way through the Old Testament lately anyway, I’ll simply be sharing some highlights, background, and some application to the book of Ruth.

Why Ruth?  Well, for starters it is 4 chapters long, which is easy for me to break into blog posts, minimizing the risk that I’ll abandon ship mid-way through a book.   Aside from the low-risk of failure on my part, I also think it is very authentic in conveying real struggles of godly women, and the role God plays in these struggles.

Below is a summary of the blog posts in this series.  As each is completed, I’ll come back and link to each post so it is easy to follow along:

Let the fun begin!

Additional:  In this series, I will be using The Bible Knowledge Commentary by John F. Walvoord as a source to help interpret the book.

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