Blog Series: Ruth Chapter 3


Ruth Chapter 3 is a very vulnerable position for Ruth in our story.   Now that her mother-in-law has figured out that Boaz is a distant relative and kinsman redeemer (meaning lawfully he’s obligated to marry Ruth), she urges Ruth to meet Boaz at the threshing floor and lie at his feet and do what Boaz instructs her to do.

Vunerable.  I can imagine this is how Ruth felt.  She had written off marriage when she pledged to follow Naomi.  Now she was putting her best perfume and dignity on the line, casting out everything she had for the hope of security.

Luckily, Naomi knew what she was doing.  She knew Boaz was a godly man, so she knew that he would handle the situation appropriately.  After he discovers Ruth at his feet, Ruth calls him to take his role as “redeemer”, again referring to his responsibility to marry her.

The reaction of Boaz is amazing.  He’s surprised she didn’t pick someone else younger, implying he thought that Ruth had plenty of options.  He also recognizes quickly the compromised position of Ruth and confirms her integrity by mentioning “my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman”.  He then makes a promise to her under God that he will redeem her, but that he must first confirm with a closer kinsman-redeemer to Ruth.

Finally, we end the chapter with Boaz promising to settle the matter and sending Ruth off with not only a new sense of security and a promise but also food for Naomi (a sign that he was going to provide for her too).

As we close this chapter, it’s important for us to see how it applies.  Boaz in this story is a picture of the grace of God.  We like Ruth are in a foreign land trying to find security and peace and provision.  God is our redeemer.  He will always fulfill his obligation to us, but he will do it with abundance. Not only will he give us physical provisions, but he will give us spiritual provisions as well.

Like Boaz, if we come to God, he will affirm who we are.  He will do all of the work necessary to redeem us.  What a wonderful redeemer we have in Christ.

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