Why are you so afraid?


I realize this week I’ve been worried about dates and deadlines.  I have dwelled in fear of not being able to meet them, and the fear of not being able to be fully in control of everything.

Then I read the familiar passage of the disciples freaking out because the boat they were in was being tossed in the wind. Jesus was sleeping. When they wake him up, he tells the wind to be still, and then asks the disciples: “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”.

Those words.  Why am I so afraid? I have the God of the universe who has accomplished everything that matters and I’m worried about meeting due dates. I have a savior of my life, who promises an eternity with him – and I’m fearful of what will happen on this earth?

My prayer is my faith would increase. Let me believe Jesus at his word.  Let me lean into him with my fear, and see how he is the only one capable to give me peace.

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