Return to God, Obtain Faith


This morning I’m reading Jeremiah.  It’s such a beautiful ebb and flow of God working through Jeremiah to call Israel to repentance, while reminding them of his mercy and love.  As I’m reading, I notice how Israel’s primary offense is that they forgot what God had done and worshipped other things.

How often is that the pattern of my life?  The fear and anxiety I have in my life is completely unfounded if I remember what God has done and who he is.  Over and over again he delivers me.  Over and over he blesses me.  Over and over he has taken me from one place to another.  Over and over he helps me conquer the impossible.

The faithlessness of Israel is the same faithlessness that I struggle with today.  How often I forget.  How often I run to other things.

So what do we do when we realize our faithlessness?  God says the following in Jeremiah 3:22:

Return, O faithless sons; I will heal your faithlessness.

It almost seems too simple.  We are to return to God, and he will heal our faithlessness.  We only need to return to His feet and we will be healed.  Only there will we see His power.  Only there we will remember what He has done.  Only there we will praise him for changing our hearts, and letting us conquer sin.

My prayer is that I would see the beauty in the call to return. It is only God who can heal my faithlessness. There is no need to fix it myself.  There is no need to feel stuck.  There is no need to try to muster up enough faith on my own.

Praise God for this gracious and powerful call. If we return, we will obtain faith.

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