Getting Showered with Love

If there is one thing about a wedding, it is that it really puts the spotlight and emphasis on the bride. Everybody makes statements like “It’s your day” or “Whatever you want”. These types of statements are hard for me, because if you know me, it’s not that I’m introverted by any means, but I’m never the girl that volunteers to pick dinner. I am instead the girl that says, “I don’t care, whatever you want.” until it is painful and the other person finally has to make the decision.

But from Friday to Sunday, I’ve been in the showcase, and in these particular times it has been wonderfully humbling.

On Friday, my work threw me a shower – which was more of a scheme that everybody in the office knew but me. I say scheme because they had planned to go paddle boating at a small lake near our office to hold the shower, but it showered outside instead, so we had an outdoor themed shower inside. I guess I’m perceived as a little granola, because I got things only an outdoor enthusiast would get excited about, and they were things I’m really excited about. New Chacos (LOVE), and an uber-nice camp stove that Billy and I have already deduced is faster at boiling water than our stove.

Then all of my roommates and best friend threw me a bachelorette weekend at Falls Lake, where we camped and hiked, and spent the day by the water. I was forced to wear a starch white hat with “Bride” written across it, for extra attention.

And, in case you didn’t think that there could be anything else in one weekend – this was followed by a lingerie shower on Sunday where I think I received enough panties to go a whole month without doing laundry – and enough outfits for my honeymoon, and even more to hold back for after.

So – that’s a quick update as of late. I was SHOWERED with love, and I think it is interesting to even see that in all of this, God is showing me the gifts of friendship he has blessed me with in my life, and just a small glimpse of His blessings.

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