Thankful Thursday

I woke up this morning thinking, “It’s Thankful Thursday“, what am I going to write about?? This in and of itself I think is funny because I imagine God looking down and just shaking his head at all of my oversights. I mean, the mere fact I had socks that matched this morning was something to be thankful for, which is just further proof that the list of his blessings will always be far too much for me to ever realize.

That being said, below are my top “thankfuls” for this week (that I noticed).

1. Having random fun. Yesterday I was at work when a co-worker came by and threw a pack of cards on my desk. His intention wasn’t to give me cards, but to junk up my desk as a funny way to annoy me. After laughing a little bit at his attempt, I got this idea to play “desk poker” – and from there we made up rules about stealing cards from other’s desk until you had the best hand at the end of the day. This is totally random, but seeing my boss sprint to a desk for cards was pretty hilarious.

2. Memorial Day. For some reason, Memorial Day doesn’t come up on my radar as a holiday until a week or two before it is supposed to happen. I was cruising along at work one day when we got confirmation that we would be closed, and it dawned on me that all of a sudden I had an extra day. An EXTRA day. I didn’t even know how to control my excitement. Let me just say, the picture in this post is how this excitement translated into a full-blown wedding mess in our dining room 🙂

3. Trash Pick-Up. If you come from the city, this isn’t a big deal. But when when you come from the country and are used to hauling your trash in the back of your pick-up to the nearest dump, it is a little more special. It’s pretty amazing to leave from work and have a trash-can full, and come back and see that the magical trash fairy has hauled it away.

4. Excitement. Lately I’ve been walking around lately as if I’ve had a whole pot of coffee spiked with Red Bull. Why? Because excitement is already creeping in about marrying the love of my life. Every time I send Billy home at night, I think to myself, “This is one of the last times I’ll ever have to do this.” – and then I get a flood of butterflies in my stomach and I can’t go to bed for another hour. And what I’m most excited about is that even though we’ve been dating for 4 and 1/2 years – I still feel just as excited being with him as I did when we first started dating. I think God’s plan for us is amazing.

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