Morning Meetings


Now that we are finally moved, I’m finding times in the nooks and crannies to spend with God.  I realize that this isn’t the optimal for my life, the best thing would be for me to set aside ample time for my creator, but I also realize that making God a part of my day to day is a challenge, and one that I haven’t completely figured out.

In my single life, I typically set aside 30 minutes each day to sit and pray before my day began.  I had slow sips of coffee, and reflected on how things were going through journaling and reading a devotion and my Bible.  Now that I’m married, things are slightly different.  I am not the only person to get ready, and by the time I get lunches fixed, I realize I have about ten minutes to sit down, figure out what to pray out, and ramble off a prayer to God.

At first I felt almost as if I had been robbed my morning meeting time with God.  I remember thinking, “I need me time!”.  It was about that moment that I felt convicted, and almost as if God was trying to teach me something about the moment I treasured for myself.  I had to question: was this morning time was for me as much as it was for God?  I quickly realized that although I had sat down and read the Bible, I was mainly seeking it for my own good than to glean for it the hard peices of advice and the hard messages that really what were for God’s good.

And so, I’m on my journey of finding what a morning meeting with God would look like, and should look like.  I know I need to carve out some time, but I also know that while I’m making sandwiches and coffee for two in the morning, I need to be praying to God that he shows me more and more what love through servanthood is about.  Perhaps he’s trying to give me hands on experience rather than sit in a boring meeting 🙂

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