Redistribution of Weight


Tonight was one of those nights where my husband came home and he was obviously stressed.  He’s going to law school now, so it makes it difficult for him to ever feel as if his work is done.  This year being our first year married has also been a brand new struggle, because he has to juggle more than ever before:  school, our finances, a new social life, his wife, and his responsibilities with the church.

Just a night ago I was the one who was stressed.  I too, felt the weight of my career advancements, and the responsibility of being a loving and supportive wife.  Even though the weight to others would have seemed light, to me it was suppressing and difficult.  I felt tied down by the delicate balance that I have been trying to attain – the pressure to hold my own at work, while keep our food budget in check, and while making sure that our marriage is healthy.

After seeing this stress influence both my attitude to my husband and his toward mine it was clear how heavy a burden it really became.  It quickly affected our relationship to each other, and it took all of the joy out of the small blessings in our life.   In this moment, I was once again reminded that God says he will take our burdens from us, that he is our helper throughout our life.

If only I could really apply this mentality.  In my world of self-sufficiency I often forget that giving my cares to God can be one way that I grow in faith and grow as a person.  It is a difficult exercise, but learning the re-distribution of weight should be one of freedom and growth.

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