In the Right Place


As I reflect on the Resurrection of Christ this week, I’m in awe.  For one, I feel as if God is revealing new meaning to it that I never understood before.  Today I read a quote from Oswald Chambers that reveals why:

God cannot reveal anything to us if we have not His Spirit.  An obstinate outlook will effectually hinder God from revealing anything to us.  If we have made up our minds about a doctrine, the light of God will come no more to us on that line, we cannot get it.  This obtuse stage will end immediatedly His resurrection life has its way with us.

My prayer is that God would bring me to the right place for me to receive more understanding about the resurrection and then that I may respond to it in a way that would bring even more glory to him.  May my response also begin to reach those that I work with, my family, and my friends.

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