Thankful Thursday


Wow.  I can’t believe it is time for another Thankful Thursday, so I guess one thing I’m thankful for is that this week is going fast!  Here’s my list:

  • Olive Garden on a Wednesday: The way that I was raised was to view restaurants like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Outback as fancy restaurants.  Now, I understand that it was because I didn’t get out much, but a part of me still thinks that I’m doing something real crazy when I visit them.  Especially because I bring my lunch most every day at work.  So when yesterday rolled around and practically our whole office went out to lunch to celebrate a colleague’s birthday, I was like a kid who had never been to a theme park.  I got so carried away, that I even lost a breadstick eating competition because I lost count 🙂
  • Bible Study:  This week I had to teach bible study because my leader went out of town.  This forced me to dig into Matthew, realize that Jesus had a brother named James (where was I when they taught that?!), and learn that I have a lot of learning to do.  Now I really want a biblical commentary, so I’m going to have to work the budget in my favor.
  • Togetherness Tuesday: Because a couple people showed up to work with tudes’, we played this fun game at work where we would share the love and have “Togetherness Tuesday”.  Basically you filled in the sentence “I love ____ because ____”.  One girl at work wrote that she loved me because I was non-judgmental and I was someone that she respected.  That was the highest form of compliment for me, because I often have heard people I’m around feel judged just based on how I live the way I live.  And, to conclude the “Togetherness Tuesday” game, one colleague wrote “big butts” and “I cannot lie” in the two spaces.  Cracked me up.
  • Cheap Haircuts: Hopefully next week I’ll still be thankful that I scheduled my hair appointment, but right now I’m just so excited that I have one scheduled for this Saturday.  And it’s cheap because I’m going to a haircutting school to get it done.  A little risky, but then again I live life on the edge like that.

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