Growing up


Yesterday my pastor talked about Christian maturity, in reference to Phillipians 3:20-21.  Basically in this passage, Paul states that “our citizenship is in heaven”.

With this in mind, he asked, “What will stir your soul in a way that would cause you to live out your citizenship in heaven?”.  And then today I read from my daily devotion, “Beware of any work for God which enables you to evade concentration on Him”.  It is clear that Christian maturity is obtained by a true understanding of the gospel,and then straining to become what you were meant to be.

So I’m straining to figure how to apply this to my life (which is probably mistake #1).  On one hand I feel confident that God is working in me and setting me up with opportunities, and on the other hand I feel as if this calling is so vague that instead of doing something I do nothing.

I feel too often that most days all my effort and strength is used in just getting through day to day life.  I don’t live according to a bigger picture.  I often feel there is so much to do that I don’t know where to start.  And I feel confident that I have ignored and overlooked others in my life because I’m a selfish person.

I will admit that I’m a tad bit envious of people who make their career their life, or their children their life, or their hobbies their life.  It seems like a straightforward progression, rather than the forward and back that I undergo just to make one step closer to what God intended me to be.

I guess that’s why Paul used his sports analogies in Philippians: implying that Christian maturity is something you have to “press on” or strain towards, and that perhaps you are never finished.

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