Show no partiality


This week I’m reading James 2:1-7. This passage talks about how Christians are to show no partiality to others, because this prejudice is actually a denial of our belief in Jesus.

Although it is easy to look around and wonder how other Christians can be so judgmental and hateful towards others – I know the sin of partiality also lives in me, just perhaps more hidden or more discreet.

My largest temptation is to glaze over this passage, isolating “other christians” from myself. After all, their judgment is clearly unbiblical.

But in judging myself as different from them, I’m tempted with exactly what they are guilty of – the notion that I’m “better”.

So if I think I’m above reproach, this feeling itself is an indicator of my need. I need God to show me my sin of showing favor to some of his children, but not all. I need to be convicted when I see my isolated life – full of people just like myself. In other words- I need my life to be transformed by loving like Jesus. Only then, will I ever come close to a life that shows no partiality.

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