Thankful Thursday: Faithfulness of God


Today I want to consider the faithfulness of God.  I’ve been reading John Piper who noted that we must preach to ourselves the gospel – in our fight for joy.  This list is intended to remind me how good God is, and how worthy he is to be praised. This is what I am most thankful for.

  • God was faithful when he gave me parents that believed in him
  • God was faithful when he closed the restaurant that I worked in, so that I could go to church on Sunday
  • God was faithful when he gave me my first church family
  • God was faithful when I would go to church by myself in college, and he would be the only one I knew that would show up
  • God was faithful when he gave me a job in Raleigh, and put Billy in law school 20 minutes away
  • God was faithful when I moved to Raleigh – he gave me roommates who I could share life with, and their friends became mine
  • God was faithful when I wasn’t sure I should stay in Raleigh and prayed that he would move or move me
  • God was faithful to give me a godly husband, and a beautiful marriage that I never thought I would have
  • God was faithful by not giving me quick answers when I prayed about my job
  • God was faithful by giving us this house, and filling it with people every week
  • God was faithful when he gave me Christian community, and asked me and Billy to lead it
  • God was faithful when I didn’t want to serve others by changing my heart and placing the people for me to serve
  • God is faithful when I burn out of service by the reality that he doesn’t need me, but still allows me to have purpose
  • God is faithful when I’m not
  • God is faithful in his constant pursuit of me
  • God is faithful whenever I give him my worries
  • God is faithful by giving me things I feel ill-equipped to do, just so it can be through his power that I do them

Where has God been faithful in your life? Share in the comments below, or link to this post with your list.  (I still could keep going, so I may update this post on an ongoing basis)

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  1. Christian says:

    1. God was faithful by keeping me humble, sitting back and letting me attempt control and then immediately correcting the situation when I finally gave up and gave it to him.
    2. God is faithful to remind me of his love any time I step into a church service- I can’t remember the last time I WASN’T moved to or nearly moved to tears by simply praising him through song.
    3. God is faithful because no matter how many times I draw away, he is right there waiting, willing to pick up right where we left off. I could turn my back 100 times and he’d still be there.
    4. God is faithful because we nothing else can calm my anxiety, a simple quiet conversation with him soothes and calms the anxiety until it’s non-existent.

  2. Christian says:

    I almost forgot the most important one. God is faithful because in every stage of my life, he’s always placed that one person along side me who’s faith in him is much more unwavering than my own so they can help guide me and simply remind me of his goodness.

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