God is love


As I consider today being Valentine’s Day, I’m struck with the statement, “God is love”.  This statement is so powerful, I can’t wrap my mind around a comparison. 

Imagine saying “Lisa is love”. That just doesn’t work.  I’m too messed up – I’m too selfish.

But saying “God is love” is so true.  All of his actions ladder up to that characteristic, and he is capable of being all that is wrapped up in that incredibly complex and contradictory little word.  He has loved us, despite action or inaction.  He has loved us, before we were even created to be loved. That is mind blowing.

Today is a day when we should realize the imperfections of human love for a reason. If Valentine’s Day is a let down, it’s only because we are searching for a love that is perfect, unblemished. We are looking for a love that completes us, and that is only available from God.

My prayer for today and the years to come is that I would “come to know and to believe the love that God has for us” (1 John 5:21).

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