Chosen for More


I open Ephesians today after picking up the house a bit. I intentionally had turned the radio off, which means my mind swirled with the following thoughts:

  • How does this house get so messy so fast?

  • Maybe I need to reinforce cleaning up toys a bit more with Eli. Or maybe I will wait until he grows up a bit more.

  • Do I have enough time to hop in the shower really quick? At least I can’t really hear the baby crying in there and could have just a 15 minute break.

  • One day I am replacing these white kitchen counter tops with something that hides the dirt. That will be the day. It may be 5 years from now but it will be glorious.

  • If I stayed at home full time, I wonder if I would get continually bitter about cleaning the house, only to see it messed up continually?

  • I wonder what I should try to do today. I could stay in the house cleaning or taking care of the baby all day. I am not sure if that would make me happy.

  • I probably need to sit down and read this morning, even if for two minutes. Try to listen to what God may be telling me.

That is about the time I sat down and read the following passage in Ephesians 3:6-11. 

This  passage reminds me that I have been chosen for something more than just being a servant of my house, chores, or even motherhood. 

I have been chosen to tell people about what God has done for them and myself. To tell them that even though I may be a “useless Christian” that somehow I have been chosen to tell of the joy of the “endless treasures of Christ”.

If that is Paul’s mission and vision for his life, I must make it mine too. Imagine if I walked around looking and anticipating the treasures of Christ? 

I am not sure what that really looks like, but I pray that God would begin to show me little by little, day by day.


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