What do you thirst for more than God?

A sermon at our church talked about how Jesus as he hung on the cross asked for something to drink and how he was served sour wine instead – yet another betrayal and mockery Jesus didn’t deserve.

The sermon questioned why Jesus would ask for something when he knew the outcome, and it was because his largest desire I’m his life and death was to fulfill the gospel and to bring us to a right relationship with God, despite our sin. 

In other words: Jesus thirsted most for the righteousness and glory of God.

The sermon then asked: What do you thirst for?

I contemplated this, and I wrote the following prayer in response: 


My prayer this Easter is that I understand how beautiful my needs are, how purposeful they can be, and how they have the potential to continue my thirst for God.

May we never be without need, for this produces a dependence and a thirst only God can fully supply.

Ask yourself the same “To what do you thirst more than God?”, and then remember this confession should remind you of Gods ultimate goodness this Easter.

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