My Offer Still Sits…


So whatever happened to my offer?  Well, it set on a desk all last week.  I imagine on one like the picture below.

I found out on Friday from my real estate agent that because we didn’t add “proof of funds” to it, the real estate agent representing the property wasn’t going to process it to the bank to start with (it’s a foreclosure). Of course the real estate agent representing the bank didn’t bother to tell us until a total of 4 days passed, and so now we are at square one again.

I was slightly frustrated on Friday and into the weekend (being that I’m a very impatient person).  I kept trying to figure out the part that I dislike about the “buying” process the most and I think that I determined that it is the fact that even though I’m making a forward decision, it is still all up in the air.  Even though I put in an offer that says “this is how much I’ll pay to live here”, somehow I am still entirely out of control.  An investor could come by and swoop it up.  Another couple like me and Billy could see potential and enter us into a bidding war.  Or the bank could come back and refuse our offer.

I realize that this “lack of control” is the same at every crossroads in my life, and perhaps is a good sign.  I experienced it when I graduated from high school, then at college, then after college, and through numerous of times when I’ve looked around and thought “what am I going to do”.  This, is the place where God wishes me to be, but so often the place where I hate being.

So,  the story continues.  I have 1 or 2 more days until I find out about the house, and then I need to move from there. Also, I have 67 days as of today until the wedding, which is really less than 10 weeks in total (if I did my math right).  Wow.  How does it seem like the days are flying by until the wedding but that 1or 2 days is impossible to sit through?

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