A Life of Lean Cuisines…

Yesterday was the 4th day that I didn’t have anything to eat at the office.  I had even depleted the back-up cans of chef boyardee ravioli that sit in my desk for months on end until a time of “desperation” happens and I have nothing to eat.

So I decided instead of taking a trip to Wendy’s or another fast food restaurant around the corner, I would take a quick trip to Food Lion and stock up.  My total came to $14.00, and now I have a wonderful selection of paninis, grilled chicken and pasta, and primavera that will last probably a couple of weeks.

The sad thing about all of this, was that I proudly toted them into work and then had the pleasure of deciding outloud whether I wanted a Smart Ones Chicken Quesadilla’s, or a Lean Cuisine Panini.  One of my fellow co-workers (who is a cheap lunch fanatic herself) hooked me up with sour cream and salsa which sealed the deal for the Quesadilla’s – and lets just say that little meal made my day.

Yes, it’s a sad day when I’ve gotten used to cruel portion sizes and have all of my favorite “cuisines” listed by memory (in fact, we have a list at work similiar to this blog’s list!)…..  In fact, come to think of it, I should probably switch to sandwiches soon.

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