Psalm 151: When I see God

This morning I sat down and prayed.  This isn’t a natural inclination of mine, and I always struggle through the process.  Yet, I was convicted after reading the quote, “If we are to be delivered from attempting only what is predictably achievable, we must return to a proper regard for prayer.”  It reoriented me.  In my prayers I need to ask God for a larger love for him.  I need to pray more boldly.  I need to ask things I don’t even think are possible.  I need God to show me what areas of my prayers are too small.

Now, if you’re a Bible nerd you’re going to call me out and insist there is no Psalm 151 – and you’d be correct. But for the fun of it, I’d like to pretend that the following words that came down on paper this morning were inspired by a God that is constantly expanding my view of prayer.

When I allow my soul to enter into God’s presence
When I allow my heart to find rest in him
I see the glory of Jesus

When I place my own failures aside
When I focus on the mission of God
I see how well he has equipped me

When I see how the people of God always messed up
When I read the stories of their shortcomings
I see how much God has always loved us

When I see people I know come to know him
When I see him change others around me
I see that my prayers are too weak

When I see how only he can change hearts
When I see how only he can prepare souls
I am reminded that all the power is his

When I feel overwhelmed at life
When I get too hung up on what isn’t going right
I see my need

When I realize I’m in the center of my life
When I often try to find my own way
I still feel God pursuing me

When I look around and see good in my life
When I have real joy
I know that this all came from Him

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