Ultimate Purpose

God provided one thing that the world cannot: purpose. An ultimate purpose, able to conquer any worldly pursuit.

Purpose is what makes our hearts beat a little faster. It is what we can be most proud of in our life, for we know it is worth a sacrifice.

Anything else is temporary. If my purpose is to be successful at work, I quickly realize that success is a moving target. The definition is defined differently by too many people, and I will be lost as to what I am actually running after. If my purpose is to be a good mom, I also realize my best efforts aren’t nearly enough to measure up to the comparisons I can find on Pinterest or Facebook.

Instead, our souls are designed to go towards a purpose: loving God. Unlike other purposes, this actually comes with an example: the life and death of Jesus. He shows that it is possible to love God through all of life’s trials. He shows a life of endless love for others and how beautiful it is to love more than be loved.

My prayer is that I would give up whatever pitiful purpose I am clinging to, and run towards God. May I lose my life only to find an abundant life in him.

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